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NicheFinder was a keyword research tool I co-authored in 2002. It analyzed search engine statistics to find good profitable keywords and business ideas. People really liked it, as you can see from the testimonials below.
I must note that the business has been sold and re-sold further, I have no contact with the current owner, and I don't even know if there is still a working version available for sale.

"What a terrific program! Thank you very much!

You kindly sent me the free version yesterday and already it's given me some great ideas. I am currently enrolled in a program to find a "niche" and build an affilliate site around it.

The software we are using [SBI], while very good, only lets you research once a week due to use of resources. Yes I'm definitely buying this! And I shall recommend it to our program mentors for anyone who is stuck like I was.

I don't have a domain name yet as am still in the "brainstorming" stage of picking a site concept. However I have now found a subject - thanks to NicheFinder. "

-- Wendy Owen,
Queensland, Australia

"I am in the process of setting up an internet store with "physical" products. This has proved to be a big challenge!

I am happy to tell you that NicheFinder has been invaluable. I was floundering around not sure what I was doing. When I started using NicheFinder it made it very easy to find the keywords that I will need to use for target marketing, SEO, and PPC campaigns.

I cannot give you a dollar amount, but I know that my store will be far more successful due to the data your program has given me.

It even helped me pick a domain name that should be beneficial!

The new updates are going to make this program absolutely the top of the line.

I can't begin to thank you enough!

P.S. As one friend to another - You really need to increase your price especially with the updates. I have paid more for a lot less!

Thanks again for a great program."

-- Grace Adele
Elkhart, IN

"Nichefinder has consistently identified profitable niche areas for me to target in my affiliate business. Type in a phrase, click the button, and NicheFinder comes back with up to 500 relevant phrases and enough information about each phrase to tell you which ones will be profitable. For ease of use, quality of information returned, and value for money, NicheFinder gets my vote."

-- Andy Williams,
Tenerife, Spain

"I have used NicheFinder extensively to source niche words for the very competitive gas scooter market. As a result, I have achieved consistent top 5 rankings on a large range of niche words, and have enjoyed good conversion rates.

You really have a neat product that works very efficiently. It's almost impossible for me to compete against the big guys on keyword "gas scooters", but with your product, the niche words were easy to find, and have put in a top 2% tier."

-- Harvey Braswell

"This is a fantastic program that saves enormous amount of time & energy.

Keep up the good work!"

-- Ken Roden

"Hi Val,

Thank you so much, NicheFinder is now 100 times better than it was before, I just love it. I 've tried them all and this is the absolute best there is. And thank you for your great customer service.

I have tried Niche Database, WordTracker, Good Keywords, Site BuildIt!, Ad Word Analyzer, Market Research Wizard... Of course, the Overture tool, Google, etc.

NicheFinder is fast, simple to use, gives me everything I need to know, including the number of ads on Google and Overture, it's fully sortable, has KEI, demand, etc. It's just a dream to use, I love it, just perfect. I liked the older one too, but this new version I LOVE."

-- Ray

"Hi Val (and all),"

"I must say that your NicheFinder software has proven invaluable in my market research and has really saved me tons of time."

-- Damian Julien

"Check the review I wrote for BizToolReview... I wouldn't be without it, and I recommend it to all.

Review fragments:

...If you have an idea for a new online business, don't make a move until you play with NicheFinder...

...I say "play" with NicheFinder because it is so much fun. That's right, FUN. it takes the long and boring task of researching a market niche or a new idea, and turns it into a game. I can honestly say that I have never had so much fun with a serious business tool...

...I have not had the NicheFinder very long, so I want to be honest about that. But from the time I have spent with it I feel that I picked a winner when I purchased this software...

I hope that this did you folks some good. You delivered a product that is worthy of it's price by far. I will not hesitate to promote it in any way I can.

Now I must get serious with my friend, NicheFinder. I have a project that I am working on, and I can't wait to start playing with it again!"

-- Rex Nebel,
Freedom Supply Co
Lovell, Wyoming

"Have always been pleased with results from using NicheFinder. It is the major tool for any search I perform because of the broad based results and easy to use data presentation.

P.S. I have just tried your update and am impressed with the added information. Fine job."

-- Richard,
Langhorne, Pennsylvania, USA
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"NicheFinder works very well to develop "Keyword Focused Content Pages", as Ken Evoy of highly recommends.

I have found some good keywords that I would NEVER have conjured up on my own!"

-- Steve Rollison

"I have been using NicheFinder for over six months. I use it when I am preparing to talk to a customer about how they can develop a better web presence. I also use it extensively to develop ideas on how to best present a customer's site. This tool is easy to use and forms a key part of my analysis tool package."

-- Larry Koppelberger
WSI Business Performance Solutions
Great Mills, Md

"I now regard NicheFinder as an essential part of my search engine optimisation strategy."

-- Alan Allport,
Wombrook Digital Media

"This amazing new marketing research tool is fun to use while also being fast and efficient. It lets you find out what business ideas of yours might fly online. And better than that, it helps generate tangent ideas you may never have thought of. It's well worth getting."

-- Joe Vitale, President, Hypnotic Marketing, Inc.
#1 Best-Selling Author - "Spiritual Marketing"
Author of far too many other books to list here

"It was fun watching the Supply vrs. Demand for each phrase, gives me a lot of food for thought about marketing to certain niches. People have to REALLY understand the benefit of doing this niche research. Comparing to what common keyword suggestion tools do, your software does much more. Just to see what has been searched is no use if you don't know how much competition you're up against. Your software does exactly that - it fills the gaps of information for entrepreneurs! I will implement the ideas your software gave me, and I will recommend it to my friends."

-- Milana Leshinsky,
"Mesmerizing Website Power"
65 Instant Web Design Tutorials!

"NicheFinder could be your best bet for keyword research. This tool can spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S for your website and Internet marketing venture. Go get it!"

-- Arun Agrawal
Internet marketing specialist

"After Seeing the Power of the NicheFinder software, I believe it will be a very valuable tool to any webmaster or business owner online who searches out overlooked related topics. A Great addition to every Search Engine Optimizers Tool Box!"

-- Jan Limpach
Ohio, U.S.A.

We Get Your Website Found... By the Right People™

" has been up for about 4 years. I had some question as to whether numerology was a valid web business. In running the NicheFinder I discovered that the potential was even better than I had hoped.

Because of the NicheFinder results, I was encouraged to totally revise the site to a marketable condition. Since the change, I am beginning to see a tremendous increase in traffic, and a corresponding increase in business. I am now receiving in a week the number of hits to the site that I was receiving in a month. Sales are up just under 300% since I revised the site and used the NicheFinder keywords.

The increase has been caused by a number of factors, but I would not have implemented any of them without the backing from the NicheFinder report. I would have hesitated to put in this much time and effort without the assurance of the NicheFinder results.

My partner and I are also setting up 6 additional sites. We have used the NicheFinder to weed out the less viable products. The NicheFinder is great for picking up additional key words."

-- Daniel Hardt, President
Life Path Numerology Center, Inc.