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Color Jam

Color Jam is a simple logical board game where you change your color to win more territory than your opponent. This is a clone of an old PC game I used to play in early '90s. Unfortunately, I can't remember it's name now. Later clones were called 7colors (also open source) and SpiderWays (shareware, seems to be unavailable now).

You start with one or a few tiles in the lower left corner. Computer starts in upper right. You can click on any color to conquer adjacent tiles of that color. Next time you change your color, they will change with you.

You can see the current score numbers and progress bar at the bottom. To win, you need to capture more tiles than your opponent. In fact, it's enough to capture just over one half of the total territory.

Important restriction: you cannot choose the same color as your opponent!

This game is written in Python. It works on just about any mainstream OS. I have tested it on Windows and Linux so far, and it should also work on a Mac. This is free software, licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL) v. 2.

Please visit Color Jam project page on SourceForge for downloads, forums, etc.

Thank you for your interest!

Val Danylchuk