My Projects

My own projects

Five-Hour Projects - a blog about finding the time for the things you always wanted to do. You will find sample projects, read how they were created, get to know their authors, learn their productivity, creativity and motivation secrets.

Statistical Significance Calculator - A simple online calculator designed to help webmasters evaluate the results of split tests in their page changes and advertising campaigns.

Color Jam - A small open-source logical game I wrote in 2008. Written in Python, works on Windows, Linux, probably other OS's as well.

Rainbow Land - Same game, ported to iPhone in 2013. Also open-source.

Smart Eye Trainer - A really simple Palm OS game from 2004, mostly here for the history.

NicheFinder - Keyword research software that I co-authored in 2002

my2pg - MySQL to PostgreSQL database migration utility. It is currently maintained by Max Rudensky, but it started as a small script written by me.

Commercial projects I contributed to

SOS Online Backup iPhone client - To quote PC Magazine review (Editor's Choice): "Another bonus is SOS's excellent iPhone app, which not only lets you download and view files in your online storage, but also share them via links in email."

Sana Sites - A content management system and a website development framework by ISM company. They have sold and deployed this solution successfully to a number of business customers, mainly in their home country, Netherlands.